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June 23, 2011

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the planning meeting after the Hub on Tuesday.  Some fantastic ideas that came out of it include:

Regular quick check in meetings after Living Learning activities, for parents to connect and contribute

A little kids table, with activities for younger siblings to enjoy

Excursions.  Many wonderful ideas were raised for excursions.  As it was expressed that a regular hall venue was desirable for some, the idea was raised to have extra excursion activities on different days of the week (especially as certain activities may not be available on a Hub day).  This website and the check in meetings can be used to plan and publicise excursions that group members are interested in.

So many brilliant ideas for workshops were contributed, both at the meeting and by email, I now have a BIG page full to investigate and coordinate.  Thanks again to everyone for sharing.

Living Learning will run in term time.  Term 3 will be from Tuesday 19th of July to September 20th.  I will post a program for July in the next few days, followed by programs for August and September as I hear back from facilitators.  As always comments and feedback are VERY welcome.

Best Wishes,


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