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August Program

July 21, 2011

August Program

This month we have a feast of one-off workshops, celebrating many very different learning experiences.  Next term we will have more extended workshops that run over a number of weeks, but for now we have five weeks of diversity to enjoy in August! All workshops will be held at the Mid Mountains Community Centre and will run from 11am to 12:00.  There is time for free play and the sharing of lunch and company after the workshop, open to all families whether or not they have attended the activity.  It has been suggested that we have small planning meetings after each workshop for those interested in being involved.  It would be great to have an idea of numbers for each workshop as soon as possible to pass on to facilitators and for the purchase of materials.  For all enquiries, bookings and feedback contact Julie at

2nd August: Dreamcatchers

This weeks offering involves making our own dreamcatchers, sharing in their beauty and stories of their use and where they come from. Celebrating our last month of long winter nights full of dreams.

Where and when: Mid Mountains Community Centre 11am-12:00 August 2nd

Cost: $4 per child for HEA members and  $6 for non HEA members OR

$6 per family for HEA members and $8 per family for non HEA members

What to bring: children might like to bring special beads and feathers to add to their dreamcatchers, also their own string/twine/wool if they would like to choose their favourite colour.

9th August: Yoga for Kids

Yoga benefits all ages and the younger a child starts, the earlier those benefits filter in to their learning experiences and lives.  The poses stretch muscles and strengthen core support, improving posture.  Children are guided through relaxation exercises to help improve focus; focus and relaxation are important for learning and self-confidence. 

Yoga also encourages children to accept themselves as they are. They learn that no one child’s pose should look like anothers; each is unique.  The physical practice improves balance and coordination and can increase self confidence.  Through playing the part of different animals and plants, yoga helps connect children to the world around them.

The goal is for them to learn yoga while having fun.  They can make sounds like different animals and even create their own poses.  Swadyaya (self-study) is one aspect of yoga the children can explore through self expression and creativity.

The class will be facilitated by Jill Rosenthal, her website can be found at

Jill and Lisa Bogle are currently organising an ongoing yoga class for families so be sure to let them know if you enjoy this class and would like to participate in an ongoing class for the whole family.

Where and when: Mid Mountains Community Centre 11am-12:00 August 9th

Cost: Jill has given us a discount rate for this one-off class and has been flexible in her price structure to accomodate larger families.  Prices include cost of hall hire.  Payments can be made to Julie, please email me to book and I will provide details:

For HEA members – $12 per child, $17 for 2 children, OR $22 per family (3 or more children)

Please add an additional $2 if you are not a member of the Home Education Association Inc (who provide our insurance).

August 16th – Insect Sculptures

Come along and join the fun with visual arts teacher, Rachel. Create large
scale sculptures of insects using twigs, branches, sticks and twine.
Investigate just how versatile natural resources can be. Once finished you
could then take your insect on a photo shoot in a variety of locations. This
workshop is suitable for all ages; some children will need more parental
assistance than others.  Older children may like to
explore concepts such as context, installation art and collaboration. Please
bring a variety of sticks and twigs along on the day. Dry wood is preferable
to green wood.

Where and when: Mid Mountains Community Centre 11am-12:00 August 16th

Cost: $4 per family for HEA members and $6 per family for non HEA members.  Thanks to Rachel for donating her time and energy

August 23rd – Cooperative Games Day

A morning of vibrant games in which we work together and have lots of fun.

Where and when: Mid Mountains Community Centre 11am-12:00 August 23rd

Cost: To cover hall costs – $2 per family for HEA members and $4 per family for non HEA members

August 3oth – Poetry and Printmaking

We will engage in a number of simple printmaking techniques and put our pictures together to each make our own small artists book.  We will use word games to collectively write a poem which can be added to our books if desired.  Suitable for all levels of ability.  This workshop will be run by Gareth who has studied social ecology, visual art and creative writing at university and is a local artist and poet who works with natural materials and themes of eco-spirituality.

Where and when: Mid Mountains Community Centre 11am-12:00 August 30th

Cost: $6 per child for HEA members. $8 for non HEA members: $8 per family HEA members, $10 for non HEA members.  Thank you to Gareth for volunteering his time and energy.

What to bring: Children can bring a small printed image of something they are interested in for reference material if they would like to.

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