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October Program

September 28, 2011

October Program

Welcome to our 2nd term of Living Learning! Our October program is one-off workshops again, however we are very excited to share that Georgia from the Sydney Theatre Company is running a series of Literature through Drama workshops for us over November and early December.  Will provide more details soon.  All October workshops will be at Mid Mountains Community Centre in Lawson from 11am to 12 with time for lunch and a play afterwards.   All workshops are Home Education Association Inc. events.  Please add an extra $2 per family to costs if you are not HEA members as they provide our insurance.  Everyone is welcome to come along at lunchtime for a catch up and play whether or not they attend the workshop. To book for a workshop please contact Julie at

11th October – Introduction to Juggling

Paul is a local musician and street performer with a passion for sharing his juggling skills!  He will demonstrate his juggling abilities and share introductory techniques that lead to a mastery of this art.  Paul will share exercises that use one, two and three balls.  Juggling is excellent for coordination and concentration, as well as being a whole lot of fun!

What to bring: Juggling balls if you have them, there will be balls available for use on the day.

Cost: $6 per child or $15 per family

18th October – Soap Carving

Create your own little 3D creature, with nothing more than a cake of soap and a butter knife!  These simple, safe materials are a fantastic introduction for children to three dimensional sculpture work involving carving.

What to bring: A cake of soap and a butter knife per child.

Cost: $4 per child to cover hall costs

26th October – Fraction Fun Day

Maths can be edible!  Bring along something that can be cut into pieces and we will explore how delicious fractions can be.  Children will have an opportunity to explore how a whole can be divided and engage in different ways of expressing these divisions (fractions, decimals, percentages) with lots of yummy food and some ball games. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

What to bring: Food that can be cut up into equal sized pieces.

Cost: $4 per child to cover hall costs

Spring Holiday Play

Lastly if any one is interested in meeting up for a play next Tuesday (4th October) let me know!

Best Wishes,


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