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End of Year Parties

December 4, 2011

Living Learning: End of Year Raw Food Icecream Party!

We will be learning about delicious raw food dessert, how to make
icecream that is vegan and gluten and sugar free, healthy and most
importantly YUMMY!

11am-12 Mid Mountains Community Centre Lawson
Tuesday 13th December

Cost: $4 per child (+ $3 per family for non HEA members) to cover
hall, insurance and extra ingredients ūüôā

What to bring:

Frozen fruit -Your choice of either a banana based recipe or an
avocado based recipe.
Bananas are best peeled and sliced and frozen for at least a few days.
Bananas can be combined with other fresh or frozen fruit to make new
flavours.  Please note at least 80% of the fruit used will need to be frozen.

Flavour suggestions

banana and cinnamon

Other flavours that can be made with a banana base:

mixed berry
mango, passionfruit and peach
If you would prefer not to use bananas, you can bring an avocado and frozen fruit such as frozen berries which can be bought
in packets from the supermarket.  Roughly half an avocado to 2-3 cups of frozen berries.

Toppings Рfresh or dried fruit.  More yummy raw toppings (vegan +
gluten, sugar and additive free) will be provided, please let me know
in advance if any one has nut allergies?

3 or 4 food processors will be provided, if you have one and can bring it along that would be great too!

Please bring a dishcloth/teatowel to help with clean up.

Bowls, spoons, and decorations (if you wish!)  The children (and
adults!) can make their own icecream sundae creations and then enjoy
eating them!

BMHEN Picnic

I am also attaching the flier for the Blue Mountains Home Education Network End of Year Picnic on the 21st December at 3pm at Wentworth Falls Lake.

Have a great Summer Holiday!  If any one is interested in meeting up for a play at a park on Tuesdays over the holidays, let me know and suggest your favourite park/playground/waterhole!

Best Wishes



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