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CSIRO Hands On Science Programs

January 10, 2012

While the Living Learnng Term 1 Program is coming out soon, I wanted to notify everyone of these CSIRO events today, as they are being advertised on other networks, and are very popular. If you are interested, book now to secure your place!  We have a very exciting full program planned for Living Learning this term and I will get it out to you over the next week or so.  For your diary our first day for the term will be Tuesday the 7th of February which will be a Cooperative Games Day in celebration of coming together after our holidays.  And because we had so much fun last time round!

CSIRO Hands On Science Programs
TWO EVENTS – MARCH 27th, 2012.

**  Air, Atmosphere & Weather Workshop (K-6), and
**  Energy, Forces & Motion Show (Yrs 7-10)

The CSIRO Science Education Centre create a dynamic interactive forum within which students can take a hands-on role. Their program engages students in eye-opening interactive science theatre and hands-on experiments, which have been developed around real-life CSIRO research. Our students will become the scientists, rather than just reading about them.
***Air, Atmosphere & Weather Student Workshop This stimulating interactive show is designed to encourage students to think like scientists‚. During the session, students make predictions and observations during eye-catching demonstrations involving air, water and liquid nitrogen. Demonstrations of evaporation, expanding gases and condensation are designed for students to question and gain an understanding of these processes. Allow your students to be inspired by the science of weather in a new exciting educational forum. Demonstrations allow students to:
* see that air takes up space
* feel how air exerts a force
* explore what happens when air is cooled and heated air
* understand air and the weather
* find out what makes up air.

This workshop is recommended for Kindergarten to Year 6. Costs are $12 (HEA) / $14 (Non HEA).Contact Julie at

*** Energy, Forces & Motion Show This 60 minute show explores matter, energy and how they interact. Through fun demonstrations and discussion, students can: investigate magnetic braking and Lenz’s Law visualise magnetic fields with ferrofluids and nanoparticales examine electric fields, electrostatics and plasmas explore properties of sound including standing waves, harmonics and resonance experience angular momentum and gyroscopes experience different forms of electromagnetic energy including lasers and infrared use persistence of vision and find out how a stroboscope can help to freeze motion. Learn about Bernoulli’s Principle, air resistance, and fast moving air.

This show is suitable for Years 7-10. Costs are $15 (HEA) / $20 (non HEA).  Contact Jane at

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