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Term 2 Program

April 9, 2012

Welcome to Living Learning’s Term 2 program!

All workshops are held at the Mid Mountains Community Centre in Lawson and run from 11am-12 on Tuesday mornings, with time to share lunch and play afterwards.  Everyone is welcome to come along at lunchtime for a catch up and play whether or not they attend the workshop.  For all bookings and inquiries contact Julie at  All workshops are Home Education Association Inc events.

1st May – Mini-beasts!

Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts is a fun ‘hands-on’ mobile education service that travels all over NSW (and beyond) educating people of all ages about the benefits and wonders of invertebrates or ‘mini-beasts’ (insects, spiders, snails, millipedes etc) within our environment. Every workshop includes a hands-on mini-beast experience not to be forgotten! Live mini-beasts brought along include large and colourful stick insects, centipedes, millipedes, giant burrowing cockroaches, preying mantis, spiders, scorpions, beetles, caterpillars and more.

Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts also offers services to the media and has featured on several popular television programs in Australia such as Creature Features, Gardening Australia, Playschool, Burke’s Backyard, Sunrise and Better Homes & Gardens.

All workshops meet the Board of Studies K-12 Syllabus Guidelines and assist teachers in meeting a variety of learning outcomes. Topics covered may include mini-beasts and:
Changes in Our World: life cycles, food chains, food webs & the seasons etc.
Preparing for the Schoolyard Safari: Discovering Mini-beasts: What you can do at home or school. Collecting and studying mini-beasts in the backyard, schoolyard & beyond. Learn how to build insect traps, terrariums, butterfly garden or compost heap, keep live mini-beasts, safety, capture, ID, re-release, surveys etc. (Several options available)
Fears & Phobias; think you’re scared?
Communities, Habitats & Ecology; Who lives where? Who helps who? Shelters.
Conservation & Threatened Species; threats & recovery plans.
Uses in Industry: Agriculture, Forestry (Pests & Allied Species) & Medical Uses & Research as well as Forensic Entomology.
Entomology: career & hobby choices available.
Anatomy & Physiology; Mini-beast form & function explained.
Taxonomy, Classification & insects ID
Art & Photography

For more information, resources, teacher/student comments and more, check out the website

Jacqui was a Senior Zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo for almost 10 years. Although she has experience and knowledge of a broad variety of animals, invertebrates and other “mini-beasts” have always been closest to her heart. She developed invertebrate colonies and displays and conducted extensive invertebrate research for Taronga Zoo during her time there. Several years before, she worked at the Sydney Tropical Butterfly House, once located at Dural in Sydney’s northwest where she presented workshops, lectures and tours to schools groups several times per week, as well as cared for and bred a variety of mini-beast species.

She has kept over 250 different species of LIVE spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, butterflies, grasshoppers, crickets, flies, cockroaches, beetles, worms, preying mantis, stick insects, crayfish, snails, ants and bees and the list continues to grow.

She possesses a diverse range of qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Science from Charles Sturt University, the Zookeeping and Animal Attending Certificates from the Sydney Institute of Technology and an assortment of other specialty courses such as Spider Identification, Herpetological Techniques, Aquarium Science and Beekeeping. She also taught the Invertebrate component of the Zookeeping Certificate through the Sydney Institute of Technology for 3 years and recently taught Animal Studies at Bathurst And Orange TAFE in 2005-2006.

Jacqui has been operating Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts for 10 years and intends to continue to develop it wherever possible.


HEA Members: $12 for the first child, $10 for the second child, $8 for subsequent children.

Non-HEA Members: $14 for the first child, $12 for the second child, $10 for subsequent children.

Payments are due by Friday the 27th April.  Please email Julie at for booking and payment details.

Due to limited places in this workshop and to allow for the presence of younger siblings, Jacqui is tailoring her show to suit interested toddlers as well as older participants.  As such, younger siblings who are likely to participate need to be booked in and paid for as well.  Thanks.

8th and 15th of May – Joyous Movement

An exploration of joy through music, movement games, and the co-creation of dance made up of our individual expressions of joy and sense of place.  Percussion instruments will be available for those who are more inclined to create sound than dance.

Facilitated by Julie, Kaya and Gareth who have all grown up with joyous experiences of movement and music.  They are influenced by contemporary dance, cooperative games, harmonic dance, belly dancing, African drumming and dancing, and the pure joy of making sound and moving your body.


HEA members: $4 per child per week

Non-HEA members: $6 per child per week

22nd of May – First Aid in the Mountains



CPR HELP is very excited and proud to be able to provide your children with the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program in conjuction with BMHEN.

Research has shown that children who learn the DRSABCD concepts at a young age are better equipped to deal with an emergency situation and have a greater grasp on the competencies as teenager and adults. By teaching your children these principles we are giving them the knowledge to stay safe and help if anything does happen with their family or friends.

What will my children be doing in this workshop ?

Children will be involved in learning exactly what to do in an emergency situation. In our hands on workshops they will learn about danger, how to try to get a response from an injured person, role playing how to make a 000 emergency phone call and answering questions asked by an operator, checking to see if an injured person has anything in their airway and if they are breathing and learning how to roll an injured person into the recovery position and clear the airway if needed. Children will also have hands on experience in learning how to perform CPR on manikins.

Extra, Extra…. Specifically designed just for the mountains workshops…. Your children will also learn how they can implement DRSABCD in a variety of mountain specific possible incidents. Incorporated into the workshops we will look at burns (bushfires), bleeding and bites (snakes and leeches).  We will talk your children through a variety of possible scenarios and ways of dealing with each and then they will have the opportunity to role play a selection of scenarios, allowing them to put into practice what they have learned…

Although parts of this workshop were presented in 2011, parents are encouraged to enroll their children again to refresh their memories, pick up new skills and learn all the most up to date life saving skills. Who knows when we may need it?

There is a small covered play area for little people and parents are welcome to stay for a picnic lunch after the first workshop concludes to enjoy some social time:-)
Our facilitators will run back to back workshops on Tuesday 22nd May at Lawson Mid Mountains Centre. The first workshop will be for ages 5 – 11 yrs and the second will be for ages 12 and up. Each workshop will run for approx 1 1/2 hrs.
Workshop 1 ( 5 – 11yrs)    11am -12.30
Workshop 2 (12yrs and up) 1pm – 2.30
Cost per child $18
Payment may be made by Direct Deposit.
Class size is limited and bookings are essential.
Please email Nikki to book a place for your child(ren) or if you have any questions.
Looking forward to another great event with BMHEN!
Nikki Lee-Martin
Co-ordinator Blue Mountains Teen Homeschool Group
BMHEN Events Co-ordinator
29th of May to the 19th of June – Learn to Make and Play your own Xylophone!
This four week series of workshops will allow the children to make their own musical instrument from mostly recycled materials, and to learn to play it with the group, using basic music theory and games.  The workshops will include simple maths, science,  safe woodwork, the basics of reading music and other musical activities.
This series of workshops will be run by Gareth,  who has been doing woodwork and playing music since he was a child.  He has completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in 3d visual art and creative writing through Southern Cross University.  He is a local homeschooling parent, artist and poet.  He will be assisted by his partner Julie who is daunted by woodwork but loves maths, science and music!
HEA Members: $40 per child for the series
Non-HEA Members: $45 per child for the series
Payment will be due by the 15th of May to allow materials to be acquired.  Please email Julie at for booking and payment details.
26th June – Winter Solstice Party
Story telling and craft activities celebrating the return of lengthening days!  Be inspired by the Winter sun and celebrate the season by dressing up and bringing some food to share if you would like to!
HEA Members: $3 per family
Non-HEA Members: $6 per family
Hope to see you during Term 2!
Best Wishes,
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