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Spring Party

September 4, 2012

Next week is our end of term Spring Party at Living Learning!  We are planning to make some seedling trays out of egg cartons, to plant some seeds to take home.  We will also have a craft corner with some willow and wool to make wreaths, mobiles, dreamcatchers and whatever else we can dream up on the day.  We will have a spring fruit feast, I’ll bring some toothpicks and skewers and we can make some fruit creations to admire and eat!  If you are interested in coming along can you drop me an email ( to give me a rough idea of numbers (I know a lot of families will be away).


HEA members: $2 per child

Non HEA members $4 per child

What to bring: gloves for handling potting mix, fruit to share.  Optional: flowers for decoration, Spring-inspired dress ups.


I will be putting our Term 4 program out in the next day or so, it’s pretty exciting… Looking forward to sharing some great Spring and Summer days with you,

Julie x

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