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Term 2 Program 2013

April 8, 2013

Welcome to Living Learning’s term 2 program!  After the fabulous Introduction to Auslan session in Term 1 I am so excited to be able to offer a longer, more in depth Auslan series this term.  We’ll finish up term 2 with some great Winter activities.  Keep warm, hope to see you soon!

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All workshops are held at the Mid Mountains Community Centre in Lawson and run from 11am-12 on Tuesday mornings, with time to share lunch and play afterwards. Everyone is welcome to come along at lunchtime for a catch up whether or not they attend the workshop. Our sessions have been booking out recently so book as early as you can to ensure your place. For all bookings and queries contact Julie at

These workshops are all Home Education Association Inc (HEA) events.

Auslan workshop series – 30th April, 7th 14th 28th May, 4th 11th June.

This six week block of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) classes will be lead by a Deaf facilitator, Sherrie Beaver. Natalie Kull, an Auslan interpreter, will also attend each class to interpret as the children are introduced to Deaf culture and community, notions of disability and what it is like to grow up Deaf.

Each class will focus on language learning, including fingerspelling (A-Z), greetings and basic vocab (including food, animals, feelings). Through games and ‘voice off’ time, each child will have the opportunity to explore this beautiful language and experience communication visually.

Sherrie Beaver is a profoundly Deaf university student, studying towards a Master of Policy and Applied Social Research. Sherrie recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Cultural and Social Analysis. Prior to that, she attempted a Bachelor of Education, which allowed her to gain teaching experience at various schools. She has worked with students learning Auslan at Deaf Education Network’s Auslan Only Weekends and Diploma of Auslan courses.

Picture 9

 Sherrie is a passionate advocate and strongly believes in equality for all. She has been an active participant in the Deaf community and ensures there are no barriers for her fellow Deaf peers. She is also a travel addict and is currently planning her upcoming European adventure.

Natalie Kull is a NAATI accredited Auslan interpreter and an
accredited trainer/facilitator. She has been signing for 14 years and
has worked in the Deaf community as a project coordinator, childcare
worker, interpreter, translator, university research assistant and an
Auslan teacher. She also conducts Baby Sign workshops for new parents.
She currently interprets in medical and tertiary education settings,
and also interprets guided tours at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Picture 10

Natalie lives in the lower Blue Mountains with her partner and three
young children. She is passionate about exposing children to the
beauty and creativity of using sign language and about bridging the
gap between Deaf and hearing worlds.

Cost: For the 6 week series, $62 for HEA members and $72 for non HEA members

Bookings: Please email Julie at to receive payment info.  Payments will be due by the 26th of April

Please note: this 6 week series is running as two 3 week blocks with one week break on the 21st of May.  These workshops will run from 11am -12:30

Winter Herbal Medicine Workshop with Ally Sanchez – 18th June

In generations gone before us families would prepare there own medicines from herbs collected in their gardens or nearby woodlands.
In this workshop we will explore the medicinal values of some of the most common herbs. Then in a hands on demonstration we will be making a simple cough syrup and our own vinegar tincture which is a medicinal strength tonic for home use.  All materials will be provided.
Picture 8
Ally considers herself blessed to have been in the second last graduating class of world renowned Classical Herbalist Dorothy Hall in 2004. She now works out  of her busy practice in Glenbrook and has a passion for bringing herbal medicines back into the home where it belongs.
Cost: $14 for HEA members $16 for non HEA members.
Bookings: Please email Julie at to receive payment info.  Payments will be due by the 28th of May.
Winter Inspired Craft – 25th June
Picture 13
We will make some paper snowflakes to celebrate the winter and some felted suns to celebrate the return of lengthening days.  Bring along your favourite winter wool crafts (knitting, crochet and any others) if you’d like and we can share some of these skills too!
Cost: $5 for HEA members, $7 for non HEA members
Bookings: Please email Julie at to receive payment info.  Payments will be due by the 4th of June.
Best Autumn and Winter Wishes,
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