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Term 3 2014: Around the World!

June 22, 2014


This term we have 3 experiences on offer. Join us in our full 9 week around the world program, or experience an amazing live Antarctica interactive show, or come hang out with us at our World Party and Children’s Market Day – or come and do it all with us 🙂  All Living Learning activities are Home Education Association Inc. events.  Most activities take place on Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am at the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, unless otherwise stated.  Families are always welcome to join us for lunch and a play on Tuesdays at the MMNC whether or not you attend the workshops, we will be there from week 2 to week 10, week 1 is an excursion.

Please note places are limited and our workshops have been filling up VERY fast. If you are keen don’t delay, book in straight away 🙂

For all bookings please email:  Please specify which of the 3 events (9 week series, World Party, Antarctica Show) you are booking into.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.14.15 pm

We are taking off this term for a journey “Around the World” in 9 weeks!

Come join us as we virtually travel the globe complete with our maps and passports.

Each week we’ll journey to a new country and explore its geography, its culture, its food, its traditions, its history, it’s language and it’s uniqueness.

Each country will include lots of hands on interactivity whether we are making our pasta, learning Persian dance moves or creating our own Guatemalan baskets.

The countries are being presented each week by someone either native to the country, descended from the country or passionate about the country! – and we’ll include a program handout for the parents providing KLA statements to tuck away in the homeschooling journals.

(please note this series includes 2 excursions, one on a Wednesday)


Program outline:

Week 1: (15/7) Aboriginal Australia. 

We kick of the program this week by starting here in our homeland with an excursion. We’ll be visiting the Waradah Aboriginal center in Katoomba for an interactive traditional performance and an engaging art workshop.

Week 2: (22/7) Ghana Africa.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 6.37.06 pm

We welcome you to join us to celebrate and learn about Ghanaian culture. Kwame comes from the Volta region in Eastern Ghana. He would love to share his culture with you and a fun morning of cooking, music, dancing and language. Kwame and his partner Nina will travel from Northern NSW with their daughter Miwanyo to share with you all in a joyous celebration of a beautiful ancient culture.

Week 3: (29/7) Ireland.

Ireland has a colourful and ancient past and present with myths, legends, goddesses, heroes and a lot of cows! This session will involve a little chat about some of this colourful stuff and then some simple weaving, given that weaving has been used in Ireland since ancient times and even up until today. Janet used to specialise in Irish history at La Trobe university and has been hanging for a chance to share some of that joy after a long sabbatical.

Week 4: (5/8) Iran.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 6.45.32 pm

Ah, Salaam and good day to you all. Welcome to Persia, or as it’s called today, Iran. We’re going to go on a carpet ride through Persian customs, tell a story or two, but most importantly, play a favourite children’s game from Iran. If you’re lucky, your guide, Azadeh, might even show you a few Persian dance moves. So join us on this trip through this land rich with history, art and legends aplenty.

Week 5: (12/8) A Journey to Antarctica.  This is a separate event, please see below. This exciting event is not included in the 9 week series and must be booked separately. Details are at the end of the program.

Week 6: (19/8) Netherlands.

Welcome to the land of Tulips and Windmills. This week we’ll explore the Netherlands through folk tales games and craft. Each child will get an interactive booklet with some fun dutch words and sayings, pronunciations and stories.  We’ll also be sampling some unique dutch food and we’ll be making colourful tulips.

Week 7: There are two workshops this week!

Tuesday (26/8) Italy.

This week we’ll be exploring Italy – land of Pasta! We’ll learn all about Italy as we make our own pasta to take home to cook or freeze.  Each child will also receive a folder to take home with pasta recipes, facts, maps and basic language phrases. Buon Appetito.

Wednesday (27/8) Tibet. (Please note this is an excursion on a Wednesday and will be in Katoomba – public transport accessible)

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.10.36 pm

This week we’ll also be exploring the beautiful mountain country of Tibet – the highest region earth! We’ll be exploring Tibet through a slide show, maps, Traditional Tibetan objects and clothing, Nomadic singing, Meditation music, prayer flags craft and a Q&A all based around both the lovely and very sad experiences of Kunchok, a wonderful man who escaped the oppression experienced in his homeland.  A natural flow will be embraced over the day allowing the children to lead their learning and understanding of this beautiful culture and the issues it faces today.

Week 8: (2/9) Guatemala.

Guatemala, the land of the Maya, but what’s life like in Guatemala now? And how do the ancient religions and culture shape it? We’ll be looking at daily life in Guatemala and exploring some stories, crafts and customs. Children will be taking home a small basket they make too.

Week 9: (9/9) Brazil.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.18.05 pm

Brazil is the largest country in South America. Come and join us this week as we explore Brazil through Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as a game. Language, culture and general facts will be woven through the workshop.



9 Week program Cost:

for HEA members – $100 per child

for non HEA members -$110 per child.

PLEASE NOTE if parents would like to attend the Waradah Aboriginal art room and performance, they will need to pay an additional $9 per adult.

Payment options: Payment is due at time of booking. There are 2 payment options either a full payment or 2 part payments with the first due at booking and the second due by week 5 (12th of August).  When you book you will be provided with bank details, please pay at your next convenience to confirm your place.


16th of September: WORLD PARTY and Children’s Market.

You don’t have to attend the 9 week series to join the party!  Join us this week for a fun end of term party and market. Come dressed up in native costume from somewhere in the world (highly encouraged but not essential), bring a plate of traditional food from your country of choice for a shared tasting table, and enjoy the world music and tasty treats with friends.

Bring your cameras and have your photo taken in front of world landmarks and marvels or perhaps your children would like to bring their creations and a blanket and hone their business skills while making a little pocket money at the world children’s market.

Cost: This event will be $3 per family ($5 for non HEA members) and bookings are required. Payments are due at time of booking.  When you book you will be provided with payment details, please pay at your next convenience to confirm your place.

When: 10:30-11:30am, 16th of September.


A Journey to Antarctica

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.21.29 pm

Professional adventurer Chris Olsen takes you on a Journey to Antarctica with amazing details, props, sounds and images combined with rare footage from Antarctica, Mawson’s Hut, Macquarie Island, The Antarctic Peninsula and it’s wildlife!

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 7.23.34 pm

Chris takes the audience on “A Journey to Antarctica” with student participation, props, images and sounds combined with DVD footage. Chris gives details and amazing facts about Antarctica, its wildlife, ‘Mawson’s Hut’, Macquarie Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. Chris compares Commonwealth Bay 11 years on – the effects of global warming, whaling & pollution.

Chris also shares his own experiences, his 3 expeditions to Antarctica along with Antarctic clothing, rocks, equipment and tent with an ice axe demonstration finale!

Cost: $12 per child for HEA members and $15 for non HEA members.  Payments due by 29th of July.

When: Tuesday 12th August, 11-12:30pm Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre.


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