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Term 2 Program 2015

April 12, 2015

Living Learning Program Term 2, 2015

All activities run from 10.30-11.30am on Tuesdays in the Joy Anderson room at the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (MMNC), Lawson.  MMNC is a nut free venue.  Please note the dates for workshops as there are some series that are not running on consecutive weeks.  All activites are Home Education Association Inc (HEA) Events.

 There will be a PLANNING MEETING after the week 1 workshop (12pm at MMNC, 21st of April).  Please come along and share ideas and feedback and help us create our term 3 offerings. Big thank you to all the volunteers for putting together a great program for this term.  Check it out and book in quick if you are keen!


Weeks 1-2 [April 21, April 28] (Cost $30 HEA members/$34 non-members)

Come along and jump into the world of mixed-media drawing with Rachel from The Art Tent. We’re going to get up super close to some everyday things and create some masterpieces. We will explore a variety of techniques; check out some artworks created by famous artists; experiment with scale and gain confidence in our own ability as an artist.

We will explore, create and celebrate together. All participants will be invited to exhibit and discuss their artworks as we finish up each week.

With Winter Magic fast approaching… during this workshop series participants will have the opportunity to create a collaborative artwork that will be exhibited as part of the Winter Magic Artstreet exhibition.  The aim of Artstreet is to provide an avenue for the artist within the local community to showcase their talents and abilities in the public arena. Let’s show the Blue Mountains what we can do.

Rachel will provide a summary of learning activities and Stage Statements for your rego documentation. There is no recommended age for these workshops… children under 5yrs would benefit from parental support. Parents are also welcome to enrol and participate.


Weeks 3,6,7,9 [May 5, May 26, June 2, June 16] Scientific thinking- ages 7+ (cost $16 HEA members/$21 non-members)

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 7.48.04 pm

Dr John Porter (Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of NSW)

What is scientific thinking? Science is all around us. John (a real life scientist/biologist) will explore looking at the world with a scientific approach. They will look at the fundamentals of thinking like a scientist using scientific methodology such as observation, comparison, sorting and organising, prediction, experimentation, evaluation and application. He will engage the children in a practical example of how science is used in our world.

The remaining 3 weeks of this series will involve the children taking turns to bring in experiments that the other children will then do. Further details about the experiments will be provided after the first session.


Weeks 4-5 [May 12, May 19] Let’s Explore! (cost $23 HEA members/$26 non-members)

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 7.48.20 pm

In these workshops we will journey into the early days of the English colony in Australia. We will explore using first hand accounts, as well as story telling, art, visualisations, poetry and games. Through these activities we will imagine what it might have been like to inhabit this time from both a European and Aboriginal perspective. We will look at a diversity of historical figures and create our own explorer’s diary as we journey into new places in our imaginations.   For children 5 years and over (and all levels of reading/writing ability.)

Gareth Thomas is an active local home-schooling parent.  He has a deep interest in the arts and is known to have written a poem or two.  Gareth enjoys understanding the arts as a multifaceted practice of education, cultural legislation, therapeutic expression and advocacy in social and environmental justice.  Gareth’s poetry explores meditative spaces but also tends to follow the intricate ecological interconnections that emerge from the mundane objects of everyday life.  Two of his poems have been shortlisted for the Judith Wright Poetry Prize. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Writing and Visual Arts, currently studies in a Masters program of Social Work and runs arts programs with youth.


Week 8 (9/6): Walkabout Reptiles (cost $16 HEA members/$18 non-members)

Snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and a salt water croc!

Fossils, skulls, eggs and more. A highly interactive, educational, hands-on experience.

Guaranteed to thrill children of all ages.


Week 10 (23/6): Bliss-ball making (cost $16 HEA members/ $18 non-members)

Following the success of raw chocolate-making in term 1, we’re going to finish up the term with another go at raw food making, this time with delicious bliss balls.



For bookings, please email Ozzie ( with the following form (please copy and paste this into your email browser):

Parent’s name for booking:

Email address:
HEA Member (answer yes/no)?:

Number of children per workshop:

Art Tent:
Scientific Thinking and experiments (age 7+):
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Walkabout Reptiles:



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