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Creative and Performing Arts Night

May 10, 2017

Hello Homeschoolers,

This term the Living Learning planning team have decided to hold a creative and performing arts night on Thursday 29th June at Wentworth Falls school of Arts.

We are aiming to have a visual arts exhibition AND performances. All local homeschooling children will be able to exhibit and/or perform.

At this stage we need some enthusiastic volunteers to help with planning and executing the event on the day.

We’re looking for people to staff the front door, organise a program of performers, hang artworks, set up chairs, supervise the kitchen, announce/intro performers, design flyers, co-ordinate audio visual equipment, bring ideas we haven’t thought of yet.

We will meet face to face as a group to organise and plan. Meetings will most likely occur on Tuesdays after Living Learning.

If you’d like to be involved either on the night or in the lead up to the event please email Rachel at

If you have children who are keen to exhibit and/or perform stay tuned for a booking sheet.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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