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Term 1 Program 2018

January 15, 2018

Welcome to Living Learning’s Term 1 Program!

All workshops will be held at Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (MMNC) on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:30am. MMNC is a nut free venue.  All homeschooling families are welcome to meet for lunch afterwards, whether or not you are attending the workshops.  Living Learning activities are Home Education Association Inc. (HEA) Events.

Living Learning programs are pitched at a 5yrs and up age group as a loose guideline. This term we also have a program on offer for children working at High School level. Keep reading and scroll down to find details.

Please note it is an insurance requirement from HEA that parents are at the venue or provide written notice of their absence to the event organiser and have a designated “supervising carer” present for their children. When you are the “supervising carer” for another parent, please ensure you include the names of the children who are in your care when you sign the HEA sign on sheet.

At the end of the program, you will find a link to the booking sheet for Term 1 2017

Our workshops most often book out, so book in as soon as you can!


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.41.27 PM

30th Jan- Not Back to School Picnic

10:30am onwards at Buttenshaw Park Springwood.

Come and celebrate the start of the 2018 non-school year with us with a picnic in the park. No booking required. Remember your hats, sunscreen and water.

Some families may wish to have a swim at Springwood Aquatic centre afterwards.


6th & 13th Feb- Music

Come along for some music with Meredith. We will explore some musical theory that will help us to understand how to read and write music. In this exploration we will look at rhythm, how music is written on the staff, and some of the strange words and symbols used in written music. We will play games and use our voices and bodies to help us learn.

Participants will benefit most if they have basic reading skills, such as an understanding of symbols representing sound; be able to write/draw some simple shapes; and be able to follow instructions for a game.

Meredith is a homeschooling mum and piano teacher. She has been teaching music to people of all ages (especially children) for about 14 years and loves finding creative and fun ways of approaching music education.

Cost: $34 for HEA members; $36 non-members.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.44.22 PM

20th & 27th Feb- Israeli Folk Dancing

Join Yudith for two weeks of Israeli Folk Dancing. We will learn a song or two, and then sing and dance together.

Cost: $4 for HEA members; $6 for non-members

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.46.06 PM

6th March- Mathematics through Art

Join Julie and Rachel for a hands on exploration of mathematics and art. We will examine 3-D and 2-D shapes, explore pattern and repetition as well as investigate the power of line. We will also look at and discuss some artworks that contain mathematical concepts.

Participants will build 3-D objects, draw using rulers and compasses, and have loads of fun working individually or with friends to create art with mathematical themes.

Some children may need support from a parent as there will be a variety of work stations set up around the room. There will also be some fine motor skills required in the creation of both the 3-D and 2-D shapes.  Each workstation will provide activities that your family might be inspired to continue playing with at home.

Cost: $16 for HEA members; $18 for non-members

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.48.03 PM

13th, 20th, 27th March- From Art to Textiles

A workshop using a simple design technique to develop an original artwork, to use as inspiration for the making process.

Over the 3 weeks we will help support this process based learning experience to develop creative options, using simple techniques to emerge with a stitched textile work… A Painting in Stitches.

Cindy and Elissa are homeschooling mums with a love of fibre arts and a passion for the handmade. They are inspired by freeform stitching and experimentation and want to share and encourage an enjoyment of the simple act of making.

Participants will need to be able to thread their own needle and do some basic stitches.

Kits will be provided. Parents are welcome to participate but will need to book in to join the class.

Cost: $48 for HEA members; $52 for non-members


3rd April- Fantastic Foot Feats with Sarah

Come join us for a morning of play and learning about your fabulous feet.

-what lies beneath your foot flesh?

-what is our footstory? A brief comparison of some feet from other cultures and periods of human history

-how our modern environment and culture shapes and changes YOUR feet’s fitness and flexibility

-Shoes! The good, the bad, the ugly, the necessary?

-Footplay: how strong and mobile is YOUR footsy foundation? How does the health of your feet impact your WHOLE body? Join in some fun foot challenges and see what you can (and can’t) do!

– Foot love: foot friendly tips and hacks to keep your tootsies loving life!

This interactive workshop which will involve barefoot time in a controlled environment with the option of some outdoor barefoot experiences for those who wish to participate. Outdoor activities can also be completed shod if preferred. Please bring along the pair of shoes you wear most frequently. Parents welcome to participate with their children at no additional cost.

Sarah is a massage therapist, budding movement and alignment teacher, barefoot enthusiast and can’t stop talking about feet.

Cost: $12 for HEA members; $14 for non-members


Term 1 2018 has a High School Level Program on offer.

These workshops are suitable for children who work at a high school level.  If interested in these workshops, please email the organizer, Jane directly:

6th of February ecology excursion. Join Emma and Jenny from Blue Mountains Council for a healthy waterways excursion to Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook. We will meet at 9:30am at the picnic area at Horseshoe Falls reserve at the end of Alexandria Avenue. This 3 hour excursion takes us on a walk to the falls themselves, where we will do extensive water testing and evaluating the creeks health. Lunch/picnic afterwards for those who are interested.

Cost: free for HEA members, $2.00 for insurance for non-members.


13th Feb – 3rd April. 8 Tuesdays 11:40-1:10 Life on Earth

What is life, how did it begin on earth, how is all of life related?

Starting smaller than we can see, and further back in time than we can fathom, let’s take a journey through the intricacies and mysteries of life on Earth.  Expect the unexpected, life is full of surprises!

Join Julie for an adventure to explore what biology is, what LIFE is.  We will explore the phylogenetic tree of life together, delighting in the wonder and diversity.  This will be a small group class, with flexible facilitation, encouraging the deepening of individual interests and varied forms of expression.  Drawing on the interests of the group we will research, design and carry out experiments and try out different ways of expressing our findings.  The smallest, largest, rarest and hardiest life-forms are in range of our curiosity, as we delve into discovering the innermost workings of life on our planet.  We are alive, and the earth bursting with life, and this will be as much celebration as science, full of opportunity for engagement in diverse ways with highschool level biology.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 6.53.33 PM

Week 1 – Introduction

What is biology, what is life, brief introduction to cells and systematics, the tree of life, a brief overview of the story of life on earth, what are our individual interests, how do we each like to communicate and express ourselves.  The scientific method and experimental design.

Week 2 Animals

Human biology cells/tissues/organs/organ systems, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology – how are our favourite animals are related, microscopic animals, what is the most outrageous animal?  What life forms are most closely related to animals?

Week 3 Fungi and Plants

Relationships, differences and interactions between Animals, Fungi and Plants.  Fabulous Fungi and Peculiar plants.  Scientific research and experimental design.

Week 4  The whole tree of life.

Unicellular wonders and their multicellular relations.  The fairly invisible but ridiculously important and diverse kingdoms: Bacteria and Archaea

Ecology and Ecosystems

Week 5 The wonderful world of cells, human biology – cells/tissues/organs/organ systems

Week 6 Finishing with our experiments and expressing our results.  Wrap up of our exploration of the tree of life. Systematics and the ongoing nature of discovery.  Celebration!

Week 7 Jig Saw Challenge: Jane Brennan will facilitate a jig saw activity with a biology basis.  Jig saw activities involve developing specialised knowledge and bringing this together in collaborative group problem solving.

Week 8 A visit from a biologist to share their story of life and work in biology and be available for questions

Julie has studied Environmental Science at Southern Cross University and the University of New England, she is now studying Creative Arts at Charles Sturt University in a quest to get the very most out of an undergraduate degree as possible (and fit her study around homeschooling her children)!  She may win a prize for the most drawn out undergraduate degree ever!  While she was studying at UNE she DID win the NCW Beadle Prize for Botany twice, the second time for her study in Systematics.  The living world is her passion and delight, she is in completely in awe of it and thrilled at any opportunity to explore and share in the wonder.

Cost: $108 for HEA members; $116 for non-members


Booking information:

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer refunds so please read each workshop description carefully before choosing which workshops to book into.  The booking form is below:

Booking form:

To book into the high school program please email Jane directly:

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