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Term 3 Program 2018

June 26, 2018

Welcome to Living Learning’s Term 3 Program!

The first two workshops for Term 3 will run for 2hrs from 9.30am-11.30am.

All workshops will be held at Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (MMNC) on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:30am. This term times vary for the first two weeks. MMNC is a nut free venue.  All homeschooling families are welcome to meet for lunch afterwards, whether or not you are attending the workshops.  Living Learning activities are Home Education Association Inc. (HEA) Events.

Living Learning programs are pitched at 5yrs and up age group as a loose guideline. This term we also have a program on offer for children working at High School level. Keep reading and scroll down to find details.

Please note it is an insurance requirement from HEA that parents are at the venue or provide written notice of their absence to the event organiser and have a designated “supervising carer” present for their children. When you are the “supervising carer” for another parent, please ensure you include the names of the children who are in your care when you sign the HEA sign on sheet.

At the end of the program, you will find a link to the booking sheet for Term 3 2018

Our workshops most often book out, so book in as soon as you can!

31st July: Threatened Species Art competition  

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.36.12 PM

NB– this workshop starts at 9.30am and finishes at 11.30am

Julie and Rachel will be sharing information and ideas about the plants and animals in your local area that are threatened. You can also come with ideas about a threatened species you already know about however for this competition, these must be species that are or have been native to NSW.

We will be creating collaborative and individual 2D artworks for participants to enter in the 2018 Threatened Species Art Competition which is open to children aged 5-12yrs of age living in NSW and the ACT.

The Threatened Species Children’s art competition helps children unleash their artistic creativity while learning about the extinction crisis facing our native plants and animals. It aims to encourage the next generation of environmental leaders. 

We aim to have one collaborative artwork that will be entered into the competition representing Blue Mountains Home Ed Network and each participant will create their own individual work.

Cost: $18 HEA members/$20 non-members



7th August: Ecoprinting on wool

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.36.32 PM

NB- this workshop starts at 9.30am and finishes at 11.30am.

After last term’s eco-printing on paper explorations, Louise is returning to share another natural dyeing method. Each child will create their own composition of leaves on woollen fabric. We will have a break while the bundles cook, and then come back together to open them up and see what colours and shapes have emerged.

Louise is a local eco-print artist who runs a small business called Gumnut Magic. She sells naturally dyed clothing and has written ebooks about eco-printing on cotton and paper. She loves introducing people to this magical process. See more of her work at

Cost: $17 HEA members/$19 non-members


14th & 21st August : Woodworking, Insect Hotels

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.36.47 PM

Come and make an insect hotel and learn some woodworking skills with local furniture maker and woodworking teacher Georgina Donovan. You will learn to use a handsaw, cordless drill, hammer and nails.

Insect hotels are a wonderful way to encourage beneficial insects, such as native stingless bees and wasps, in your garden. They provide shelter and protection for these tiny friends, and a place for them to nest. The native bees and wasps will thank you by pollinating the flowers, fruit and veggies in your garden.

This workshop is recommended for ages 8 +. Children require coordination, focus and good motor skills to allow them to make lots of cuts with a saw, and for measuring and marking.

Georgina Donovan is a local furniture maker and woodworking teacher with 20 years experience. Along with furniture she has made all the windows and doors for the beautiful earth buildings at Kindle Hill school and a number of bespoke kitchens. Georgina runs woodworking classes for children and adults from her mid-mountains workshop. You can find her on Facebook

Cost: $65 HEA members/ $67 non-members


28th August, 4th & 11th September: Build a mind

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 6.40.32 PM

If you’ve explored some of the Buildamind gear at previous workshops, this time you have the opportunity to build your own robot to take home.

A quick introduction to building robots using real electronic components.  You will utilise motors, wheels, sensors and switches as a base to create your own robot that you can personalise multiple times.

Children will need fine motor skills and be able to focus on/follow directions. Children under 8yrs of age will require assistance from a parent.

Cost: $60 members/ $64 non-members.


18th September:  Spring Equinox Market Day

Have you been creating some amazing art and craft?

Are you keen to make a bit of money and see what some of your friends have been creating?

Wanting to buy some treats for yourself and presents for others?

Come along to our Market and set up a stall.

Children of all ages are welcome to sell art and craft and other created items/second hand toys or learning materials/baked goods.

No commercial stalls will be included in this Market, all stall holders will be from the homeschooling community from the teens through to our youngest members being welcome. Parents of children are welcome to support and co-run a stall with their children

Bookings for Stall-holders are required. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Cost: $2 per stall HEA members/ $4 per stall non-members

Term 3 2018 has a High School Level Program on offer.

These workshops are suitable for children who work at a high school level.  If interested in these workshops, please email the organiser, Jane directly:

Technology and Design Workshop Series with Jane

31st July-18th September 2018 workshops, over 8 Tuesdays, in the Small Meeting Room at the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, will be held from 11:40-13:10

In this 8-week workshop series, we will explore what technology means to us and how it can help us to work our way through a challenge to get the best possible solution, rather than just settling for the first solution that comes to mind. For difficult problems, this often requires us to think ‘outside the box’, a skill we will practise through weekly short and fun lateral thinking challenges. For more information on lateral thinking check out this weblink

Throughout the workshop series we will also be challenging ourselves with several larger projects:

  1. Balloon-car challenge (week 1-2):  In this activity, you design and build a balloon-powered car to better understand the science ideas related to rocket propulsion. You use ideas of mass and force to work out ways to improve the distance travelled by your car.  Let´s see whose car will propell the furthest!
  2. Perfect pylons (week 3):   Electricity is transferred from power station to consumer (us) using cables which are supported by pylons. Pylons must be strong and stiff; able to support the load of the cables without bending or breaking and withstand all weather conditions. This group project tests how well your pylons are built.
  3. Electric Messages – Then and Now (week 4): This group activity explores electronic communication, the Morse Code system, and advances all the way through text messaging. We build a simple circuit, send messages to one another, and explore the impact of electrical communications on society.
  4. Smart Muscle (week 5):  During this session, you will investigate the properties of materials and model a muscle based on a smart spring. This activity uses a smart ‘Niti’ spring made of an alloy of nickel and titanium. When a current flows through the stretched spring, the metal is heated. The temperature change causes the spring to ‘remember’ the shape it had before it was stretched. Let´s see what potential designs for prosthetic technologies or a robot with artificial muscles your group can come up with.
  5. Working with wind (week 6-8): The “Working with Wind Energy” activity explores the growing use of wind energy to generate or augment energy in businesses and homes worldwide. You work in teams of “engineers” to design and build your own windmill out of everyday items which you select and purchase with a budget. You test your windmill, evaluate your results, and present reflections to the class.

Please note that the schedule might change slightly throughout the term depending on project progress.

In addition to home educating her 13-year old son, Jane has been a GIS lecturer with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) since 2008. Prior to this, she lectured in Information Systems and Computer Science both at UTS and at the University of New South Wales, where she also did her PhD in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Reasoning.

Cost: $108 for HEA members; $116 for non-members. To book into this workshop series please email the organiser, Jane directly:


Booking information:

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer refunds so please read each workshop description carefully before choosing which workshops to book into.  The booking form is below:

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